My guitar history

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My guitar history

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As a youngster I had a few odd guitars, none much worth writing home about apart from a 1968 Stratocaster which I wish I still had and a Vox teardrop I swiped from my brother in law at the time, I still wonder what happened to that. It's a bug, three chords and you're hooked. After carousing with women, drinking, families and the biggest ballbuster, clubbing and all the usual stuff that messes with post puberty I decided to buy a guitar, one led to another and so on.

I now have five but I have had more, many more . . .
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard - 2009 (bought S/H)
  • Fender American Special Stratocaster HSS tri-colour sunburst - 2012 (bought new)
  • PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow - 2015 (bought new - if I'd bought this first I probably would only have one guitar)
  • PRS Custom 24 SE Limited Edition in zebrawood - 2017 bought new
  • Gibson ES-347 1979 - a timeless classic rocker (bought S/H will never sell)

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