Opera & art

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Opera & art

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I have never been to the opera nor would I. Generally do people go to the opera to be seen, do they actually understand it? Yes probably and no I don’t. I speak a little Italian but can hardly ever pick out a word, that goes for English as well. I’ve heard Germans say they can’t understand German opera. People need to own up and say they’d rather go to the cinema.

Similar goes for art, a lot of it is good but lots of it is shit. I can appreciate a Constable or a Monet but Picasso and Matisse? My grandkids can do better. I’d even go as far as to say Banksy* is better but I’m not sure stencils and graffiti count as art.

* I don’t condone graffiti in any shape or form.
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Re: Opera & art

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One-upmanship I believe it’s called.
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