BATSMAN not batter!! 🏏

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BATSMAN not batter!! 🏏

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I’ve been increasingly aggravated by some Sky cricket commentators so I tweeted the following to all the cricket commentators.
isifuba on twitter wrote:Good morning all,

Something that annoys me in commentary and talking cricket is the use of the word ‘batter’ when describing the person with the willow in hand. I’m not sure I remember the noun being adopted in cricket parlance although I presume it’s to do with political correctness? Try searching the word ‘batter’ and you’ll find that at least the first three pages of results are to do with food and no mention of cricket or even baseball, there are probably more pages about eggs, flower and milk, I gave up after that. It was quite conclusive to me it’s nothing to do with cricket or batting.

I urge you to campaign for a different noun or go back to the correct word ‘batsman’, a masculine word is/was allowed (pc?) in the English language to be a generalisation for both sexes. If the cricketing world needs to be pedantic about it, start using ‘batsman’ for men and ‘batswomen’ for women, there’s no PC issues there are there? I suppose ‘batsperson’ could be adopted. In any case, I don’t see where the word ‘batter’ is anything to do with cricket and Google backs me up.
Weeks later, not a dicky, not a “piss off”, nada!

Am I grumping for no reason or does it matter?

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Re: BATSMAN not batter!! 🏏

Post by Markus »

It’s Ebony, they’re scared to tell her to stop in case they get hauled up for racial or sexist abuse. You can’t fuckin win these days.

I’m against women commentating on men’s professional sports. They have their own sports to comment on, you don’t get men commentating on netball do you?
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