The BBC website

The BBC wants your grannies pension!
Go to the Defund the BBC website or YouTube for more information.
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The BBC website

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On the BBC website I notice more and more typos, spelling mistakes, bad punctuation and so it goes on. If I notice these things how come the BBC editors don’t? I’m sure if it were a newspaper something would be done about it. They probably can’t be arsed but if I were them I’d be embarrassed. What I don’t get is all the modern text writers on phones, pads and PC’s not only correct spelling mistakes but highlight bad punctuation and typos as well. I wrote to them about it last year and didn’t get a reply, no surprise there and since then it’s just gone from bad to worse.

Sort yourselves out BBC.
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Re: The BBC website

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I’ve seen some shockers but then again I shouldn’t be questioning anyone’s ability for spealung mustooks.
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