Britbox (BBC & ITV)

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Britbox (BBC & ITV)

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I don’t know if any of you have watched anything on Britbox but I have and, again as seems to be with the majority of stuff to do with the BBC, it’s a ripoff. At £5.99/month it’s about £4.99 too much. The only stuff I found to my taste worth watching was Steptoe & Son, Cracker and Only Fools & horses. Then there’s the inevitable Midsomer Murders and death in Paradise (groan) for fuck sake, give it a rest! The BBC, & ITV in some cases, seem to love the amateur cop show where you’ve got a couple of local nosy fuckers playing amateur policemen and always coming out on top. Maybe it’s Sherlock Holmes syndrome but it’s a sad and tired scenario. Considering you can find most of the content on iPlayer, Gold and The Comedy Channel they are having a laugh. I have no doubt that most everyone will see something that tickles their fancy but it’s got to be a lot better than it is at the moment for £59.99 per year, five bins from me.

I don’t know about you but I find the quality of both location, actors and plots of the majority of BBC produced series is poor like they have been made on a budget, sadly lacking to that from our cousins over the pond.

And where is Last of the Summer Wine?

Fortunately for me I got a six month free trial so all I can say is thanks for not a lot BT.

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Re: Britbox (BBC & ITV)

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I just got a 7 day free trial and it’s rubbish. I scrambled straight to the cancel page, it’s a 🚮 from me.
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