Why are all these people leaving?

The BBC wants your grannies pension!
Go to the Defund the BBC website or YouTube for more information.
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Why are all these people leaving?

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Why is everyone so concerned? Auntie is drowning in her mediocrity with over the hill presenters moulded in the “corporation way”. Out of date ideas, failure to meet the 1967 promises to play “popular music” (personally I’m still struggling to understand what that is) and overpaid bosses. It’s public money, we should know how much the employees are making especially the ones on more than the average national wage while we’re in financial crisis as we are today. Bring back the pirate ration stations I say and fuck the BBC.

PS/ IMO - hip hop is not popular music, it’s minority. I’m a house fan, as many millions more are proven by there attendances week upon week, but where can I listen to good dance music 24/7? Not on the BBC that’s for sure.
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