The BBC are reporting next to nothing!!

This is a place for me to note my thoughts on the situation in Ukraine. Please feel free to add yours.
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The BBC are reporting next to nothing!!

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It seems that since the invasion of Ukraine that Covid is no longer newsworthy. There are a few non-news topics on the go like conversion therapy, IVF or Adele whoever the fuck that is (another BBC/Sony sponsored singer I imagine and who gives a flying fuck?) but plenty of Ukraine stuff as you might expect. So, if there’d been an invasion two years ago does that mean Covid would have become unworthy of news coverage and eliminated by the Summer of 2021?
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Re: The BBC are reporting next to nothing!!

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Yes, there’s no news really, it’s just what’s repeated over and over. I remember there was much more varied reporting of the first gulf war, me and a pal of mine used to sit up all night regularly watching the sky News bulletins. They were brilliant.
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Re: The BBC are reporting next to nothing!!

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It's one hell of a coincidence that the Covid masks rule was due to be scrapped on February 24 and that is the very day Russia decided to invade the Ukraine.

If the Russians just wanted to dominate our Televisions it was a master-stroke.

The BBC are crap though, the amount of their former radio and tv employees who either got accused of or convicted of sex crimes is shocking, the organisation should be shut down.
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Re: The BBC are reporting next to nothing!!

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I don’t even bother reading the news when there are such things going on it’s mainly the same as yesterday and how do you know what’s true and what isn’t? Even the sport is crap, little news but ‘points of interest’ like David Beckhams kids, who cares?
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