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USB 3.2 Type-C generation 2x2 (10Gbps)

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2023 12:29
by Early riser
Good morning,

I’ve been researching different types of external memory for backing up my MacBook as I might have mentioned. The reason for this is that whatever I buy I can only use it for backing up, nothing else, which seems a bit bonkers but that’s what Apple support say. I’ve been Google searching everywhere and a few things have come up. Most of the companies selling external stick memory are offering 2in1 devices, in other words they have USBA and USBC connectors, this is nonsense and should be avoided, to have both devices as per spec in one device there would have to be two chips in the package and they haven’t. Also avoid packages where they supply adapter cables, they’re not true USBC either. What they are is USBA with a USBC adapter, they don’t perform as USBC should and are as slow as I have now. So, yesterday I went to Curry’s to get an eyeball on some. I spent ten minutes explaining to the young lady who offered help what I wanted and, indeed, what they should be selling. I did say I don’t care if it’s classed as a solid state external hard drive or a memory stick. They had loads from dodgy sources and some from good companies like Western Digital, some were in an open shelf others were locked up and priced at £90+. I must have looked at twenty items and not a single one stated it was real USB 3.2 Type-C generation 2 (10Gbps) which is what we should be being offered. If you want proper USBC speed you need to insist on USB 3.2 Type-C generation 2 (10Gbps) or not bother, which I havn’t as yet.

I have checked the MacBook Air USBC specs and they are as above, ie: 10Gbps.

The only real joy I’ve had was at Kingston and their blog here explained it all, the speed comparison charts are very informative. They have 500gb memory sticks for £59.95 with the above spec and 1tb for £88.97 which I will most probably buy. “Blistering speeds” are mentioned too - yay👍🏼

Basically, it seems to me that some of this stuff at Curry’s and Amazon etc. is bunk and they’re trying to offload old tac to an unsuspecting public such as me.